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Replacement, Reinforcement &

As an essential part of our network, TD&R assets must be upgraded to improve reliability, reduce costs and expand our grid capacity.

We are replacing our old, worn underground transmission cables.

An astounding 40% of BELCO’s current underground cables are over 50 years old; nearly 25% are over 60 years old! These cables and other Transmission, Distribution & Retail (TD&R) assets are well beyond their useful lifespans, causing a higher number of faults due to system vulnerability and higher maintenance costs.




The following upgrades will enable the provision of new value-added services for our customers and will support the expansion of renewable energy in Bermuda.

Transmission cable replacements

Critical distribution infrastructure reinforcement (i.e. schools and cell tower)

Grid modernisation projects, such as Advanced Metering Infrastructure


The new cables will be installed in multi-service duct banks that will eliminate the need to dig up the roads for cable replacement in the foreseeable future. The construction phase has been designed to complement Government’s future water and sewage infrastructure projects, which will minimise disruption for residents and businesses while maximising the financial benefits of shared installations.

Grid Code Consultation

In September 2018, BELCO conducted a Grid Code Consultation. Interested stakeholders were invited to express their views and provide any further evidence by submitting a response to our Grid Code Consultation Document.

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