Grid Code

The Grid Code is intended to ensure a safe, secure, sustainable and reliable electricity supply, to promote economic efficiency in the transmission and distribution of electricity, to define acceptable quality of supply standards that need to be met, and to facilitate fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory connection to the network by others.


The TD&R Licence conditions require Bermuda Electric Company Ltd (BELCO), as the Licensee, to develop a Grid Code for approval by the Regulatory Authority (Authority) in consultation with Sectoral Participants and Sectoral Providers, who are liable to be materially affected by it. In accordance with these conditions, BELCO developed a draft Grid Code document for consultation.

Consultation on the Grid Code opened on September 5th, 2018 and closed September 24th, 2018. During this period, Stakeholders were invited to respond to the consultation, expressing their views or providing any further evidence on any of the matters contained within the consultation document and Grid Code.

As a matter of transparency, BELCO has opted to publish the comments and discussion points raised by various stakeholders. In some instances, the comments were consolidated and summarized if raised by multiple stakeholders. It is BELCO’s intent to publish official responses to these comments and discussion points in more detail prior to the October 27th submission deadline.

The comments and discussion points stated in this document encompass Grid Code themes which include the following:


  • Fairness & Competition
  • Adequacy of Requirements
  • Governance & Transparency
  • Open / General Comments


Open / General Comments

Open, general themed feedback received from stakeholders during the consultation period was the following:

Trust has been an issue in the past for certain stakeholders when dealing with BELCO. The success of the Grid Code requires BELCO to act as “an honest broker” and to deal fairly and openly with industry stakeholders.

Implementation of Grid Code requirements is important to stakeholders. There is a need for the Regulatory Authority to enforce implementation aspects, as and when necessary.

Commitment from BELCO was sought by stakeholders in ensuring that BELCO meets its responsibilities as TD&R Licensee in the Grid Code.

Communication with stakeholders in a manner that meets their needs and allows sufficient time to comment on proposed modifications is required.

Information being made available by BELCO to stakeholders to facilitate grid connections was raised by several stakeholders.



Stakeholders are invited to respond to this consultation, expressing their views or providing any further evidence on any of the matters contained within the consultation document.

Please note that it is BELCO’s intention to post all submissions received by the submission deadline to its website upon completion of the consultation period. Responses should be submitted using the Response Proforma available for download below.

Submissions received after the stated deadline or provided in a format not within the guidelines may not receive consideration.

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